rubber weather stripping

Window & Door EPDM Gasket Sponge Weatherstrip Seals rubber weather stripping

26th, Dec, 2023

silicone sponge profile

silicone foam tubing, silicone sponge tubing, silicone rectangular foam strip, silicone square sponge extrusion

7th, Jan,2023

40ft container shipment of rubber profile to Europe

First 40ft container shipment of rubber profile to Europe in New Year.

8th, Dec,2022

Rubber molded mat for truck

molded rubber mat for trucks

7th, March, 2022

New invested 750 tons vulcanizing press plate

28th, July, 2021

New invested 110 liters dispersion mixer

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14th, Jul, 2021

The colored rubber compound production line

28th, Jul, 2021

New invested 10 sets vacuum vulcanizing machine

6th, Feb, 2021

Chinese New Year Holiday

5th, Sep, 2020

Are you sourcing big sizes of silicone profiles?

1st, Aug , 2020

Is there any need of FDA Silicone Part?

25th, Jul, 2020

Gald to share with you that our EPDM rubber profile passed the R118 test!

4th, Jul, 2020

Want to know how QA works for explaning to workers the requirment of trimming flash and quality of rubber parts?

12th, Jun, 2020

How we found and solved customer feedback PVC edge trim

18th, Jan, 2020

Want to know how to make the rubber products uniformity surface no scratches

Want to know how to make the rubber molded products uniformity surface no scratches, smooth and look better?

15th, Jul, 2019

Workshop for colorful rubber part put into production today

5th, Jun, 2019

We build a new workshop for colorful rubber parts only

15th, Mar, 2017

What is the cavity of the mold?

12th, Oct, 2016

Do you have difficulty in big size product?

16th, Sep, 2015

Before vulcanization, what is the purpose of cutting the unvulcanized rubber sheet and preformed unvulcanized rubber sheet ?

18th, Aug, 2014

Do you know how to mix rubber?

Oct 18, 2006

The company adopted the quality system certification.