The price is based on FOB, CFR or CIF terms according to Incoterms 2000.

There is no guarantee for the delivery time. The guarantee is only for lead time.

The valid time of molding or extrusion profile is 60 days unless there is big changes of raw compound and exchange rate.

We do not have a standard parts. All of our products are custom made to customer specifications, we may apply for the authorization from customer for the parts same to what you are looking for.

If we don?? have an existing tooling to meet your requirements, you will have to buy one.

No, you will have the 100% rights of the tooling. Please refer to our privacy policy and non disclosure agreement

With years of experience working with a variety of material, we can help select the material that will best suit your needs while keeping material costs in mind.

Yes, we use ASTM standards and RAM standards to define the quality of the rubber seal and rubber gaskets.

Yes, we can produce custom molded rubber and silicone rubber products in a variety of colors.

All the goods will packed by carton box and loading to the pallet.