How we found and solved customer feedback PVC edge trim

12th, Jun, 2020

 Customer feedback:
We have received the first thousand meters and we have sampled out to all our regular clients to test on their various products. The feedback has been very good.
The finish is very good – please thank your team for a great job.
There’s only one minor adjustment we would like. The total width of the profile should be close to 8mm, but the sample order measures approx. 8.50mm (see attached picture).
Can you please confirm if you can adjust the width measurement down to 8mm?
Actually: According to ISO3302-1 E2 tolerance, 8+/-0.7mm, the width is no problem, and the dimension can not adjust from large to small.
But after communicating with customer we found that the problem is ” They have tried using on their product but is very loose fit so comes off very easy compared to old supply.”
The problem is the product is very easy comes off, as this product normally used on steel plate, so we confirm with customer the thickness of steel plate.
Because I think if it is comes off very easily, it may be inner range/width is a bit large.
We got that the edge thickness is 1.2mm. But customer drawing show the clamp range is 1-2.5mm, so the clamp range we do maybe a little bit large. We can adjust it to fit 1.2mm edge.
Finally, the problem solved, customer also happy to order 10000 meters.
So when meet problems, we need to communicate more with customers to find the real problem and solve it.

PVC edge trim