About Us

At a glance of Todorubber

Qingdao Todo Rubber Co., Ltd is a private company. It was founded in the year of 2006. The production base locates in Jimo city and Xinhe city. It covers 36,000 square meters with building area of 180,000 square meters. Now, we have 150 workers, each experienced within the field of the rubber seal and rubber gasket manufacturing. This provides us the necessary experience to produce rubber seal and rubber gasket successfully. It also assist us in developing all kinds custom molded rubber gasket and extruded rubber seals to meet clients requirement.

Mission & vision of Todorubber

Qingdao Todo Rubber Co., Ltd is not only a rubber seal and rubber gasket manufacturer, we prefer to name ourself as the “Sealing Solution Supplier”. Without additional cost, we will help customers to choose the right material to improve the performance of rubber product according to the environment. We also help customers to do quality inspection for their business with other supplier. After 15 years exploration, Todorubber has solved more than 200 cases of different sealing application requirement. In the wire harness industry, automotive industry, building industry and OEM rubber product industry, Todorubber has earn the trust from lots of customers.

In view to help the aftermarket car maintenance company to solve the needs of special parts, we start the “one piece MOQ plan”. The CAD design capability and prototype service will cut down the investment of tooling and sample analysis.

Core competitive products of Todorubber

The name of products we has made including: aftermarket rubber parts, rubber grommet, rubber gasket, rubber mount, vibration damper, rubber buffer, dock bumper, silicone gasket, keypad, o-ring, oil seal, door seal, glass seal, weatherstrip, edge trim seal, pinchweld seals, silicone tube, hump hose, water hose, die cut gasket ect.