Pedal rubber

Pedal rubber for aftermarket rubber parts

The replacement of pedal rubber is necessary for the safety. However, it’s not easy to get the exact size pedal rubber for old cars. People has to use the big pedal rubber, which is not good for use and very dangerous for the drivers. The automobile repair garage also wanna to find the right pedal rubber. However, the producer are no longer made it or the cost is very high. How to help users to get the right pedal rubber is the big question now.

Solution from Todorubber

pedal rubber

pedal rubber

Thanks to the cooperation of Qingdao Todo Rubber Co., LTD and automotive manufacturer. You have the better choose from China. The right photo is the pedal rubber made in our workshop. The raw compound is EPDM, which has best property of weather resistant. The surface design is used for the wear resistant consideration. The bottom with locking design is used to locked in the braking systems. Let me share this story with you.

The OEM story for one AU customer

Two years before, one customer visited our workshop and talked about the market troubles in the meeting room. He said the original design did not consider the application and usage. The tractor user always need to push it hardly, which break the pedal rubber easier. What’s more, the high temperature cased the rubber to bad situation. Customers always argue about this with him.

“How about design a new pedal rubber for your farm customer?”

So the plan start, hardness change to 75 shore A, which is harder and better in wear resistant. The raw compound change to EPDM, which is best choose for sunshine. Surface change to rib design, which also for wear resistance. Most of all, the prototype tooling design, 2 cavity, which is the lowest cost for 20 pieces. The new design has been sold out within 1 week.

Wanna to get the best pedal rubber for your tractor, car or truck? Contact us for the cost list. You will satisfied with it!

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