Keep custom molded rubber mat surface smooth

The Way to keep custom molded rubber mat surface smooth

The R&D capability can help you cut off the bad factory from your list. However, it’s not easy to classify the factory with similar capability, right?

Today, let’s talk about the details how to classify the supplier for rubber industry. One important point, the flash. The flash solution always not as good as we expected. The air bubble also trouble us in big custom molded rubber mats. From our experience with other rubber product manufacturer, they agree to improve it time and time again, but no good news. The air bubble are bad than flash, it will influence the surface.

How does TODORUBBER solve the bad flash or bubble on surface?

compression molding

The machine. Yes, the machine! We invest RMB 200,000 on vacuum vulcanization machine, which is computer control type and highest standard of production. During the production, the custom molded rubber parts will be in the vacuum condition. At this stage, the air temperature and pressure will not influence the production of rubber parts.

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