The industrias 4.0 for rubber industry

Industrias 4.0 for custom molded rubber parts

More and more people talk about industrias 4.0 for company improvement. It’s seems there is no industrias 4.0 without internet or internet of things. Internet of things really help for the industry capability improvement, it make the share of information more quick and easier. What’s more, people could have a view of the full production process. However, does it help to improve your service? Does it help to meet your customers’ need? Does it help to solve customers’ questions?



During the business with international channel partner and end users, we recognize that our experience of car factory supply experience is not good for all customers. Lot’s people found it’s not easier to get a replace part for old car or machines in local market. The channel rubber part supplier is also confused with the new part development. The manufacturer always ask for big volume and high tooling charges. What’s more, the manufacturer do not agree to help you change the part design after mold finished. WOW, any solution for such trouble? We’ve gone through a painful process of set our core values, what kind of experience we wish to offer to our customers, and what kind of services we can do to help customers.

That’s why we start the business of OEM design and “MOQ = 1” plan. The 10 years experience of production help us know the property of raw compound and market needs better. The prototype service can help customer cut down the development cost and tooling investment. What’s more, we sign the agreement with DHL company to offer a lowest shipping fee for customers.

How does TODORUBBER apply industry 4.0?


First of all, the information share and understanding. For the custom molded rubber parts, the customers’ idea is in English. If the marketing service dept. do not good at English and technology, there will be some misunderstanding between engineer and customers. We training people in marketing service dept. the basic skills, like CAD drawing, rubber compound technology, international standards, application case and other knowledge. What’s more, the new employee of marketing service dept must learn in the workshop twice per month.

Secondly, the quality control and cost control. Our investment for the testing equipment is more than 1 million RMB. From the hot aging testing to raw compound analysis can be done in our lab in time. The marketing service dept. will share the photo or video of production to customers.

More of all, meeting customers’ requirements and solving customers’ question is core value. Industrias 4.0 give us the change to learn form other company and cases. We are sure we will help more and more customers’ to solve their OEM needs quickly.

Seeing is believing. Welcome to visit our workshop. We are located in Qingdao city, 20 minutes far from the airport.