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Chinese New Year Holiday

This year is the Chinese NewYear of the Ox, a lucky year, hope we are all healthy, safe and happy. From 10th to 17th Feburary we are on Chinese New Year holiday. Our worker colleagues has on holiday, will come back on 19th-27th Feburary. Happy New Year!
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Are you sourcing big sizes of silicone profiles?

Are you sourcing big sizes of silicone profiles? We can product kinds of big sizes silicone extruded profile. Material: Silicone, FDA silicone  
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Is there any need of FDA Silicone Part?

We would like to share with you FDA silicone stopper we are producing now. If any need of FDA silicone parts, please feel free to contact us.
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Gald to share with you that our EPDM rubber profile passed the R118 test!

Gald to share with you that our EPDM rubber profile passed the R118 test! Passed P01 according to R118 regulation Annex 6-SGS Test Report No. AJFS2007005793RS Passed P03 according to R118 regulation Annex 8-SGS Test Report No. AJFS2007005794RS
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Want to know how QA works for explaning to workers the requirment of trimming flash and quality of rubber parts?

Our QA Dora Du is explaining to the workers the requirements for the trimming and quality of rubber parts in the picture. If the workers do not understand, she will explain to the workers in detail until all the workers responsible for this product clearly understand the requirements. We are proud of their actively responsible for every product issue.Thank you all!
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How we found and solved customer feedback PVC edge trim ”real” problem?

Customer feedback:  We have received the first thousand meters and we have sampled out to all our regular clients to test on their various products. The feedback has been very good. The finish is very good – please thank your team for a great job. Problem:  There’s only one minor adjustment we would like. The total width of the profile should be close to 8mm, but the sample order measures approx. 8.50mm (see attached
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What is the cavity of the mold?

Some customers asked me what the cavity of the tooling means? Do you want to know? Please see the picture below. This tooling has 16 cavities, it can produce 16 pcs product at a time.
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Do you know how to mix rubber?

First, our worker colleague will use the dispersion mixer(the first machine picture) to mix rubber raw materials and chemical raw materials evenly. The process is like kneading the flour before making bread. Second, the worker will make the mixed rubber into a suitable sheet with an open mixer(the second machine picture). Rubber sheet in the third picture. Then the rubber sheet can be used for vulcanization productio
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Before vulcanization, what is the purpose of cutting the unvulcanized rubber sheet and preformed unvulcanized rubber sheet ?

Normally before vulcanization, our worker colleague will cut the unvulcanized rubber sheet to diferent sizes according product dimension. Sometimes it will be preformed by extruder. All of these are to facilitate vulcanization production and save time.
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