Pedal rubber

Pedal rubber for aftermarket rubber parts The replacement of pedal rubber is necessary for the safety. However, it’s not easy to get the exact size pedal rubber for old cars. People has to use the big pedal rubber, which is not good for use and very dangerous for the drivers. The automobile repair garage also wanna to find the right pedal rubber. However, the producer are no longer made it or the cost is very high. H
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Keep custom molded rubber mat surface smooth

The Way to keep custom molded rubber mat surface smooth Today, let’s talk about the details how to classify the supplier for rubber industry. One important point, the flash. The flash solution always not as good as we expected. The air bubble also trouble us in big custom molded rubber mats. From our experience with other rubber product manufacturer, they agree to improve it time and time again, but no good news. The
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industrias 4.0

The industrias 4.0 for rubber industry

Industrias 4.0 for custom molded rubber parts More and more people talk about industrias 4.0 for company improvement. It’s seems there is no industrias 4.0 without internet or internet of things. Internet of things really help for the industry capability improvement, it make the share of information more quick and easier. What’s more, people could have a view of the full production process. However, does it help to i
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